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Dance with me Jazz in Marciac

The project "Dance with me" is an original form in Concert/Bal/Show.The choreographer James Carlès and his Company join a group of musicians and invite dancers/choreographers of reputation in various styles of popular dances to transmit rudiments of popular dances to the public. These small dances develop and become with the wire of the evening a great collective dance where one shares in the joy and simplicity the pleasure of being together without any distinction of age, sex, of social class, of ethnic origin…. In short, without any form of discrimination that it is.

Had a presentiment of dancers (subject to confirmation): Françoise Puyatier, James Carlès, Madeline Rous Rodriguez, Stéphane Mbella, Elisa Giner, Olivier Béarn, Juliana Casas, Georgey Souchette, Angeline Gardienet, Céline Garcia and Pierre Cabrera ......

Carlès, James

James Carles is a choreographer, researcher and lecturer. He received initial training in dance and music of Africa and its Diaspora and then trained with the great names of modern dance in New York and London mainly. Since 1992, he hired an artistic and analytical approach that explores the “places junctions” between the dances, rhythms and philosophies of Africa and its Diaspora with technical and western thoughts frames. To date, his company’s directory contains more than fifty pieces of his own creation and authors like Katherine Dunham, Pearl Primus, Talley Beatty, Asadata Dafora, Geraldine Armstrong, Rick Odums, Wayne Barbaste, Carolyn Carlson, Robyn Orlin, etc.

Dancer soloist and outstanding performer, James Carles was performer and artistic collaborator for not only numerous “all music” ranging from Baroque to contemporary music, through jazz; but also choreographers such as Carolyn Carlson, Robyn Orlin, Rui Horta, Myriam Naisy, etc.

Artist associated with Astrada- Jazz In Marciac 2012-2014, research associate in the laboratory of the University LLA Créatis Jean Jaures Toulouse, James Carles is particularly invests in heritage projects for diversity and diffusion of choreographic culture. He is also founder and artistic director of the festival “Dances and Black Continents”.

Carlès, James

Since 2016, James Carlès has made the choice to make available to the public a selection of its videos.

Company James Carlès Danse & Co

The Company James Carles work to the valuation of dance forms from the social traditions and popular in the West. In 1998 James Carles created the dance center and the festival “Dance in Toulouse” showcase this unusual approach, the festival “Dance and Black Continents” established in 2007, is an extension.

In his creations, the company tends to confront various choreographic cultures to other art forms. It also has operations around the research, conservation, transmission, distribution and public awareness.

In 2015 the company changes its name and becomes the Dance Company Carles James & Co.



Jazz in Maricac : pièce de James Carlès

Artistic direction / Conception : James Carlès

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