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EPREUVES DE DANSE 2021 - Variation n°9 - Fin du 2ème cycle, garçon


EPREUVES DE DANSE 2021 - Variation n°9 - Fin du 2ème cycle, garçon



The variations proposed by the French   Ministry of Culture are teaching aids. They are designed to form a   didactic tool allowing each teacher to transmit dances in the context  of  a choreographic culture.
We strongly recommend that teachers consult the enclosed leaflet, which presents for each variation a biographical note of the choreographers and musicians as well as comments on each dance.
The end of cycle 1 and 2 variations can be technically adapted by   teachers, who have excellent knowledge of their students and are  seeking  for them the most appropriate physical commitment. The  variations for  end of cycle 3, DNOP (national diploma of professional  orientation) in  dance, Bac TMD (Baccalauréat in music and dance  techniques) with dance  option, EAT (French technical capability  examinations), are extracts  from repertoires and, as such, must respect  the artistic writing.  Moreover, some variations can be danced both by  boys and girls,  according to the choice of the student, candidate or  teacher. 

Desplantez, Julien

Cerebros, Marcel

Le Mao, Gilles

EPREUVES DE DANSE 2020 - Variation n°9 - Fin du 2ème cycle, garçon

Choreography : Julien DESPLANTEZ

Interpretation : Valentin MERIOT

Original music : Marcel CEREBROS

Other collaborations : Avec le concours de la délégation à la danse, de l'inspection à la création artistique , collège Danse.

Production / Coproduction of the video work : La Huit Production à partir d'une commande du Ministère de la Culture

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