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Entrée public - 2019

Entrée public - 2019

Entrée public - 2019

Documentary made in 2019 by Philippe Devilliers about the creations Bleu and Les Fragments Mobiles.

BLEU. | création 2017

 BLUE. | creation 2017 

 BLUE. does not question weightlessness or a feeling of fullness. BLUE. tells us about the impact. Impact under the skin, underground, little by little visible, changing, evolving. From the dull sound within the flesh, to the coloring, to the space concerned, to the extended area, to the revelation of the force of the blow. The blow that becomes visible, blue-black-yellow-multiple, minute after minute. See you after. With a radical, strong, ascetic and incisive writing, Yvann Alexandre focuses on the ecchymosis, on the pain without sound, without noise, modest, contained, tense. What appears when a body strikes at us, a part of us, our interior. See you after. By handling the question of time and echo with subtlety, the choreographer constructs a dialogue from skin to skin, from soul to soul, in a space without contusion or fissure, located after the shock and focuses on the management of the after; what appears, what shines through, to the modesty of the echo. A work that arises in a setting of disturbing silence, vast and human that only rare musical fragments, ghostly, come to disturb and where the choreographer continues his calligraphy of the intimate. The breath and the emotion contained, so much alive. At the heart of the obsessions which are dear to it, this septet offers itself as a malleable and fluid form always renewed by the plasticity of the bodies, by their adequacy to a readable and fluid direction, by their identities mixed in a clear language and inhabited by movement. . A bluish wandering in a dark plain, austere and elegant landscape, which over the management of the pain, of its tension, reveals all the fragility, the humanity, of the one who carries it and who continues to 'moving forward. Where the movement is constantly seeking "human matter". Step by step. 

Alexandre, Yvann

Born in La Roche-Sur-Yon in 1976, Yvann Alexandre began dancing at the Amicale Laïque du Bourg and at the Conservatory of his hometown, then in La Rochelle with Colette Milner, Christine Girard and Brigitte Asselineau. He continued his training in Montpellier with Epsedanse directed by Anne-Marie Porras and, at the same time, also trained at Montpellier CCN (National Choreographic Centre) then under the direction of Mathilde Monnier. During this period, his encounter with Christian Bourigault and other foundational teachings led him to forge the bases of his creative work and his pedagogy. At just sixteen years old, he composed his first works and went on to establish his company in Montpellier in 1993. He produced his first creations for the Hivernales in Avignon and for Montpellier Danse festival.

In addition to his creations, performed on numerous prestigious stages and festivals in France and abroad, he was also the guest of the CNSMDPs (Higher National Conservatories of Music and Dance) of Paris and Lyon, of Quebec and Montreal, as well as the National Choreographic Centre in Nancy and the Nordwest Tanzcompagnie in Germany.

He gained a reputation over these 25 seasons of creation as the representative of abstract, highly-premeditated dance, far removed from the performances and improvisations of others of his generation, and had a particular interest for movement writing.

Even today, his work addresses reflection which focuses on the very substance of dance, where the notion of plasticity gives way to the movement’s own energy, all the while remaining faithful to the idea of line, an element which has existed for him from the very beginning. His creations place movement and scenography on the same footing, like two subjects on equal terms: the plastic matter totally interacting with the body-matter.

His extremely precise body language is full of details and is structured like rather intimate calligraphy.

Source: Cie Yvann Alexandre

More information:

Devilliers, Philippe

“Videographer”, a curious word, a Métis word which has been translated for more than 20 years in Philippe Devilliers by images in which video is the medium which allows him to express his sensitivity to art and its actors: the artists. Through his teasers and making offs, his clothing for creations, he shows bodies and participates in stories. Witness and stakeholder of these imaginary realities, he has notably collaborated with cie charabia, cie non nova, gerardo jerez lecam, production Dekalage, choreographer n. béasse ... the story begins with y. alexandre and his dancers with the creation Le Corps Sombre in 06 then continued with Silences duos and Passages in 07, then Venenum Amoris in 09. He also contributed to the video creation of the project l'Autre et moi en 10, Cloud en 14 , Les Soli Noirs in 15, Les Fragments Mobiles in 2017.

Source: Cie Yvann Alexandre

Compagnie Yvann Alexandre

Créée en 1993, la Compagnie Yvann Alexandre est une compagnie professionnelle de danse contemporaine phare de la région des Pays de la Loire. Attachée depuis ses débuts aux allers-retours entre professionnels, amateurs et tout public, tout en proposant ses créations, la compagnie tisse une politique d’échanges, de rencontres et de formation. Au-delà de la simple diffusion, la compagnie mène un projet audacieux, exigeant et rayonnant à la croisée de la création, de la transmission et des territoires.

La compagnie développe ses créations, sur scène ou in situ, autant sur le territoire local qu’à l’international et les créations récentes pour la scène nationale de Sceaux, le Panama, la Tunisie ou le Centre des Monuments nationaux par exemple, témoignent de ces territoires investis. Un projet qui s’écrit ente fidélité assumée après 27 saisons chorégraphiques et nouvel élan avec des partenaires renouvelés.

Elle construit depuis 2004 un lien étroit avec le Québec, sous la forme de résidences de création, de diffusion et de développement de public et qui prendra un nouvel élan prochainement avec le lancement d’ARCHIPEL : un ensemble de partenaires culturels solidaires aux écosystèmes diversifiés et mutualisés pour un nouveau modèle de coopération culturelle.

Particulièrement attentive à l’ouverture sur l’art chorégraphique dès le plus jeune âge, la compagnie développe et construit à partir des créations des parcours multiples à destination du monde scolaire dans un projet novateur et reconnu. Des parcours conjugués, croisés et transversaux dont la Petite Université de la Danse en est le coeur.

Yvann Alexandre est un chorégraphe de lieux. Depuis ces débuts. En 2019, la compagnie prend la direction artistique du Théâtre Francine Vasse à Nantes avec un projet innovant qui démarre par la transmission pour arriver à l’oeuvre : Les Laboratoires Vivants. Un lieu pour les autres, un lieu ensemble. Pour faire oeuvre ensemble.

Entrée Public - 2019

Artistic direction / Conception : Yvann Alexandre

Interpretation : Benjamin Bac, Steven Berg, Christian Bourigault, Lucile Cartreau, Anthony Cazaux, Aurélien Charrier, Guillaume Chevreau, Fabrizio Clemente, Emma Mouton, Claire Pidouxx, Franck Ragueneau

Original music : Bach, Schubert, Couperin

Lights : Olivier Blouin

Sound : Christophe Sartori - Jérémie Morizeau

Other collaborations : Pascal Guyon Coiffure

Production / Coproduction of the choreographic work : Carole Lanier - Deroo et Clément Longin

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Philippe Devilliers

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