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Quore. Per un lavoro in divenire 2000

Choreographer(s) : Giordano, Raffaella (Italy)

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Quore. Per un lavoro in divenire 2000

Choreographer(s) : Giordano, Raffaella (Italy)

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Quore. Per un lavoro in divenire

Creation 1999

A work by Raffaella Giordano

Special Prize UBU 2000
“To Raffaella Giordano “ For having with her piece Quore. For a work in becoming, cast a critical glance on reality and more generally for the courage and intensity of the choreographic choices operated in her theatre-dance beyond dance.”

"The wish to focus  on certain details, without tackling the entire performance, urges us to present our working process in its incompleteness and to propose it, from time to time, as it shifts and develops. This stage of the research is crucial in order to pose questions for a better understanding and sensibility of “relationship”, a necessary issue for us to move on our path.  
Furthermore, it is a wish to allow this constant “shift” to receive re/flections also through the eyes of the audience, a time and a place to pause and listen. We will lay bare to their look, like objects at the mercy of thoughts and feelings of others, as in real life in a though fight between duty and desire. Micro scores made of simple actions; details, obsessions belonging to our everyday behaviour."  R. Giordano

""Quore" with "q". It brings to mind the rhythmic pulse of life , blind and mysterious, enriched by an irreverent mockery, with that wrong “q”, the figure that doesn’t add up, which makes everything more human. More true. Quore is a pitiless and moving performance, showing what you wouldn’t expect, what everyone knows, but is not so sure of wanting to see: the wreckage of life, its chaotic movement, the desperate emptiness of some actions. It is a destabilising performance, it shatters certainties, destroys codes, without giving a solution. Nevertheless one leaves the theatre with a sense of relief: the four dancers/actors are always on stage, hit by lights which are constantly on their looks spoilt by funny wigs. Caught in their petty and shabby every day life, they do and picture what nobody dares to admit being like this: life .
There is a joyful and sad chaos in this performance: small things and ridiculous details charming with their clear and sharp view of reality accomplished with an absolutely disarming crudeness and innocence. There are "Pasolinian" bodies and faces, flesh marked by life, pure and tainted at the same time, and conversely, like the two sides of a coin, a rough and sad sensuality. Fragments, scales of images cumulate in Quore in an awkward and broken architecture hardly showing any harmony, nevertheless giving way to sublime gentleness."  Elettra Aldani


A piece by: Raffaella Giordano

Performers Raffaella Giordano Doriana Crema Piera Principe Aldo Rendina
from 2009 Paola Comis stand in for Piera Principe’s role

Music A. Britti, Madonna, P.J. Harvey, Manu Chau, R. Wagner, L. Dalla, L. Anderson

Production Associazione Sosta Palmizi  supported by C.N.D.C. d’Angers l’Esquisse Obadia / Bouvier

in collaboration with Progetto Regionale ToscanaDanza

Video making 26 novembre 2004 Theater Monty Antwerp by A.Vermeylenlaan

First study 21 May 1999 "Per un lavoro in divenire" Fidenza Italy


Debut 5>6 april 2000  Quore . Per un lavoro in divenire Teatro laboratorio San Leonardo Bologna Italy


Last rapresentation 25 february 2015 "Quore. Per un lavoro in divenire" Teatro Cittadella Lugano (CH)





Giordano, Raffaella

Raffaella Giordano trained and worked as a performer from 1980 to 1984 with the choreographer Carolyn Carlson at Teatro La Fenice in Venice, in 1981 she danced as an interpreter with the Wuppertal Tanztheater directed by Pina Bausch in the pieces "Kontakthof", "Blaubart"  and "Le sacre du printemps". In 1984 she joined the company L’ Esquisse in Paris directed by Joelle Bouvier and Régis Obadia. Before embarking on her own research and creating many distinguished pieces, she performed in "il Muro" by Pippo del Bono in 1990 and worked with various other authors and directors. In 1984 she co-founded the historical collective Sosta Palmizi. A performer of great stage presence and a rigorous choreographer with an unmistakable style, Raffaella Giordano made her debut in 1987 with her first piece for seven dancers, "Ssst ..." followed by "Inuit" in 1989 and "Il volto di Aria" in 1995, commissioned by Pina Bausch for the Folkwang Hochschule company in Essen. In 2012 she performed in the role of the angel in "Caino", directed by Cesare Ronconi, on texts by Mariangela Gualtieri. In the same year Raffaella Giordano begins a choreographic path with the dancer and choreographer Maria Muñoz co-director along with Pep Ramis of the Spanish company Mal Pelo based in Girona. In the fall of 2013 she takes part in the movie "Il giovane favoloso". Raffaella Giordano teaches both in Italy and abroad, also taking part in drama training projects. From 2009 to 2012 she directed "Scritture per la Danza Contemporanea" a twice-yearly course for the development and awareness of body arts.


Raffaella Giordano s’est formée et a travaillé comme interprète de 1980 à 1984 avec la chorégraphe Carolyn Carlson au Théâtre La Fenice de Venise. En 1981 elle danse au Tanztheater Wuppertal, dirigé par Pina Bausch dans les pièces "Kontakthof", "Blaubart"  et "Le sacre du printemps". En 1984, elle rejoint à Paris L'Esquisse dirigé par Joëlle Bouvier et Régis Obadia, avant de se lancer dans sa propre recherche et de créer de nombreuses oeuvres reconnues pour leur qualité et leur audace. En 1990 elle participe à "il Muro" de Pippo del Bono et collabore aussi avec d'autres auteurs et réalisateurs. En 1984 elle co-fonde le collectif historique Sosta Palmizi. Interprète de forte présence scénique, rigoureuse dans son écriture, Raffaella Giordano fait ses débuts en 1987 avec sa première oeuvre écrite pour sept danseurs, "Ssst..." et commence à travailler comme chorégraphe pour le Folkwang Hochschule d'Essen en Allemagne, où elle crée "Inuit" sous la direction de Pina Bausch, puis en 1995 le spectacle "Il volto di Aria". En 2012 elle participe comme interprète au rôle d’ange à "Caino", mise en scène de Cesare Ronconi sur les textes de Mariangela Gualtieri. Dans le même an, Raffaella Giordano commence un parcours chorégraphique avec  la danseuse et chorégraphe Maria Muñoz codirettrice avec Pep Ramis de la compagnie espagnole Malpelo de Girona. En automne de 2013 elle participe aux reprises du film “Il giovane favoloso". Raffaella Giordano poursuit une intense activité de formation pédagogique en diverses écoles d'Italie et d'ailleurs et au sein de projets de formation théâtrale. De 2009 à 2012, elle dirige « Scritture per la Danza  Contemporanea », un cours biannuel de développement et sensibilisation des arts du corps.

Source: Raffaella Giordano 's website

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