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Moving Target

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Choreography: Frédéric Flamand
Scenography & video: Diller+Scofidio
Choreographical assistant: Yasuyuki Endo
Musical advisers: Jean-Paul Dessy (violoncelle) & Boyan Vodenitcharov (piano)
Music: J.-S. Bach, J.-P. Dessy, L. Jadot, Acid Kirk, A. Pärt, Seal Phüric, A. Schnittke, D. Shostakovitch, B. Vodenitcharov, G. Ustvolskaïa
Created: 23/09/2010 - Grand Théâtre de Provence (F)
15 danseurs/dancers


An iconic show on the relationships between dance and architecture and the outcome of Frédéric Flamand’s first collaboration with architects, New-York based Diller+Scofidio, “Moving Target”
is loosely based on the uncensored diaries of Nijinsky.
“Moving Target”: a choreography that draws its energy from the dissidences, latent antagonisms and oppositions between the living and the mediatised,the normal and the pathological;
“Moving Target”: like comings and goings between control and escape.
The huge mirror inclined at 45° above the stage translate the fragmentation of our perspectivist vision by destabilising our passive gaze.

Moving Target astonishes us and fills us with wonder at its inventiveness, variety and vitality.
René Sirvin, LE FIGARO

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