Island of no Memories

Author : Ito, Kaori

Alongside this world there's another. There was the place where you could across. This other world is called Isidora, and it's as big as ours, and in many ways it's exactly the same. Recorded at the CND 27 January 2012


Island of no memories

Alongside this world there's another. There was the place where you could across. This other world is called Isidora, and it's as big as ours, and in many ways it's exactly the same. The same grass grows in the same dirt. The same birds fry in the same sky. Even the people look the same. But the major difference is that in Isidora no one can remember anything. Nobody has a name, or a house, or a family. Or you could say that everyone has the same name and the same house and the same family, a single word and a single place and a single name called Isidora.At first it might sound scary, but if you don't remember anything, then you don't have anything to be scared about. And, anyway, in Isidora you always have whatever it is you need. It is the island of no memories.

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Chorégraphie Kaori Ito Interprètes Thomas Bentin, Mirka prokešová, Kaori Ito
Dramaturge Satoshi Kudo, Musique Originale Guillaume Perret Création Lumière, Régie Générale et lumière Thomas Veyssière Régie Son Louise Gibaud

Production Bureau FormART (Cécile Jeanson) Diffusion ARTHAPPENS (Sarah de Ganck)
Co-Production Bureau Formart, Le Merlan Scène Nationale de Marseille, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Saitama Arts Theater, Le Pacifique CDC de Grenoble
Avec le soutien de MODUL-DANCE: Tanzhaus NRW, Dusseldorf, HELLERAU, Dresden, CND Pantin
Avec l'aide de la SPEDIDAM et l'Adami

Réalisation Philippe Gasnier Cadreurs Olivier Bialetti, Michel Esquirol, Christian Fienga, Gérard Sergent Son Nicolas Joly
Production 24 Images - GIE Grand Ouest Télévision

Updating : September 2012

Ito, Kaori

Kaori Ito began her choreographic career in Japan, when she was 18 years old, she was awarded as the best choreographer and interpreter by Ryouichi Enomoto. In 2002, her choreography in "Yokohama Dance Collection" received the award of the Foundation of the City of Yokohama. She feels then the need to dip into her career and her varied experiences as a performer so she starts to create her own work. From January 2004, she goes to New York as the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists and studied at [Alvin Ailey Dancce Theater]. She has also worked with Naini Chen dance company. Studying dance at SUNY Purchase in NY, she choreographed for "Joyce Soho Presents" (New York) in 2004. She receives National Conference award from the Rencontres Internationales de Chorégraphiques Seine-Saint-Denis.

She did choreograpy and body coaching for several films (Sans moi d'Olivier Panchot), assisting choreographers in this task (she helps Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui for Diasthème's movie : Le bruit des gens autour). She choreographed latest show of Edouard Baer and assisted choreography for James Thierrée (solo Raul and Tabac Rouge). After working with Philippe Decouflé (Iris), Angelin Preljocaj (Les 4saisons), James Thiérrée (Au revoir Palapruie), Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (The house of Sleeping beauties by Guy Cassiers) and Alain Platel (Out of Context), in 2008, Kaori Ito directs her first production "Noctiluque" in France and in Switzerland. In 2009, Kaori then deepens her own dance language for her creation entitled SoloS in Japan and presents at the Théâtre National de Marseille, Théâtre du Merlan (France).

Alongside her career as a dancer, Kaori has been interested in cinema, first as a student (she attended an academic film criticism in Japan), then as a videographer and film choreographer.
Her early work : "Carbon Monoxide" was released in 2006 at the Pompidou Center during the festival Vidéodanse, in the United States and in Spain. Kaori Ito is regularly a choreographer for cinema : she worked with Clémence Poésy for the movie "Sans Moi" by Olivier Panchot. She also workes with Léa Drucker for "Le bruit des gens" autour by Diasthème as an assistant of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

Source : Kaori Ito 's website

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