Distinguished Hits [extrait 2]

Author : La Ribot
Creation date : 1991

Recorded at the CND 10 November 2016


Distinguished Hits

In 1991, La Ribot created Soccoro! Gloria!, a short solo piece heralding the principles that she would continue to develop throughout her oeuvre as part of the evolving Pièces Distinguées project.

In this burlesque striptease that toys with spectators’ expectations, the “distinguished” method is established, with the juxtaposition of heterogeneous elements—clothes, music, accessories—mounted on her body to create freakish physical states, flashes of poetry and scraps of nonsense. Centered on a female figure in constant metamorphosis, combining wildness and refinement, delicacy and destructive irony, these works invent a choreographic format based on brevity, borderline humor, and economy of means.

Dislocated actions, exuberant fashion shows, precarious installations, ephemeral manifestos: all these ingredients are mixed together, tossed, subverted to form a meticulously composed jumble in which nudity is used like a weapon and the image of the body is scrutinized in all its guises. In 2001, the video installation Despliegue brought to a close the first three series: 13 Piezas distinguidas 1993, Más distinguidas and Still Distinguished. Conceived in the form of a reflexive and retrospective inventory, Despliegue highlights the modular character of these series that have been endlessly recombined to suit different contexts—galleries, museums, theaters. After the creation of the anthology version Panoramix in 2003, Distinguished Hits (1991–2001) represented a new reconfiguration: a layered work making it possible to examine each work like a separate haiku, while placing them in the framework of this vast performance patchwork.


Conception and performance

La Ribot

Production La Ribot – Geneva. With the support of the City of Geneva, the République and the Canton of Geneva, and the Pro-Helvetia-Fondation Suisse pour la Culture

Works created between 1991 and 2001


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