Transmut-2 soli

Creation date : 2010

recorded at the CND 3 December 2010


Transmut 2 soli

First performed 2010

Choreography Marie-Laure Agrapart

Marie-Laure Agrapart created a solo for herself and then, passed it on to two performers: Aurélie Cantin and Roberto Forleo. On stage, two soli, masculine and feminine, segue one to the other, applying the “reverse” principle and reproducing the same choreographic score “because the strangeness of a gesture is fascinating to produce and perturbs our usual direction of movement when we look at it backwards”.

The pointe work used in the choreographic work is not considered as an external object but an integral part of the body that plays a role in creating a strange character: “Transmut is a character that duplicates itself, that transforms itself physically and graphically by standing en pointe, on these extra few centimetres that spin and flip over our two performers. Patti Smith, post-punk singer from New York inspired Transmut, this somewhat androgynous character. Throughout the creation process, texts, music and poetry nourished the rhythm of the work”.


chorégraphie Marie-Laure AGRAPART interprétation Aurélie CANTIN, Roberto FORLEO création lumière Vincent TUDOCE régie lumière Pauline FRUCQUET création sonore Christophe MAZZELLA, Marie-Laure AGRAPART musique Patti Smith, « Birdland », album Horses et « Don't say nothing », album Peace and Noise
a film by
Centre national de la danse
running time
35 minutes

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Agrapart, Marie-Laure

Choreographer, performer and pedagogue, Marie-Laure Agrapart trained in classical ballet in the National Conservatories in the Angers region and in Paris, and in contemporary dance in the CNDC (National Centre of Modern Dance) in Angers and (in evening classes) with Aline Roux in Paris and at The Place in London. She went on to become a performer for the Royal Ballet of Flanders, the Northern Ballet Theatre and the Rambert Dance Company, where she took her first steps in choreography during the “cartes blanches” of the company. In 2002, she founded her own company. She pursues her work as a performer with Laura Scozzi, Luc Petton and Fabrice Merlen's F(x) Company.

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