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Petton, Luc

After intense practise in martial arts, Luc Petton discovered contemporary dance through Muriel Jaër, and then Moses Pendelton, director of the Pilobolus Company. In 1980, he was granted a scholarship to study in New York at Alwin Nikolaïs' and Murray Louis' Dance Theater Lab and he danced with the Robin Feld Company (contact improvisation), whilst pursuing his training with the Trisha Brown Company. From 1981 to 1984, he was involved in the Folkwang Tanz Studio in Essen, directed by Hans Zullig who, along with Jean Cébron provided him his training. Here he danced for several choreographers: Suzanne Linke, Marilén Breuker, Mitsuru Sasaki and Christine Brunel.

In 1986, he founded the Icosaèdre Company with Marilén Iglésias-Breuker, which he co-directed until 1994. During this period, he began working on his own creations, he participated in a myriad of performances and creations that embraced other artistic disciplines and other cultures, and he discovered the Intrumentarium Pilates with Dominique Dupuy who produced again the solo “En vol” for him.

In 1994, he established Le Guetteur - Luc Petton & Cie in Picardy and launched his atypical and prosperous career in the French dance scene. In 1996, he created “IF”, a trio for 2 men and 1 plank and then his work “Oscar”, inspired by the work of Oskar Schlemmer at the Bauhaus, which were performed at the Presqu'îles de Danse cultural event. In 1999, the Val-de-Marne Biennial requested his “Polemos”, a work that brings together dancers and highly-proficient karatekas.

Amateur ornithologist, with a life-long passion for birds, he embarked on this fabulous creative adventure in 2004 that conjugated dancers and living birds. Two versions emerge from this project, with the generic name of “La confidence des oiseaux”: the first, an outdoor performance, in 2005 at Art Danse Bourgogne in Dijon and at the Festival les Envies Rhônements in the Camargue region, and the second for the theatre, with a preview performance in 2006 at the Faïencerie in Creil. This theatre version continued to evolve and attained its final form in Avignon during the Hivernales Festival of 2008.

This “poetic gesture”, nourished with enthralling and passionate experimentations will soon pursue its adventure with a new creation that includes aquatic birds, swans, egrets, cormorants… and six dancers, in a stage-set that harmonizes air and water elements. This project is presented as a palimpsest of Marius Petipa's and Ivanov's "Swan Lake", enshrouded in the magical-poetic atmosphere of Ovid's "Metamorphoses"…

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Cie Le Guetteur

Created in 1994, the company Le Guetteur forges links with the Picardie during the presentation of the piece Le Grand Vivant at the Théâtre Jean Legendre in Compiègne. This creation of Luc Petton will allow to begin a lasting settlement in this region. First in residence at the Saint Michel Abbey in Thierache and then at the Maison des Arts in Laon from 1995 to 1997, the Company will although welcome in Abbeville, Château-Therry and Soissons successively until 2012.

The company creation are developed by Luc Petton, who, since his first pieces, initiates a singular career on the French choreographic stage, getting himself noticed with « If » and « Oscar », that tour in France and abroad. The following creations, like « Polemos », « Sur le Fil de minuit », « Sans abord reel » confirm the interest of public and the professionnals, that will confirm from 2004 in his project with animals.

In 2005, Luc Petton creates La Confidence des oiseaux, an outdoor version and then a theatre version. This creation bringing more than 30 birds on stage meets a true success during its presentation at the Festival d’Avignon and at the Theatre national de Chaillot in 2008. The adventure continues with Swan, choreographic creation for swans and dancers, revisiting the Leda myth and Swan lake, presented in June 2012 at the Theatre national de Chaillot. Each representation conquers a always larger public at each representations. Luc Petton ends his triptych with the creation of Light Bird, for dancers and red crowned cranes. The premiere took place again at the Theatre national de Chaillot in May 2015, after some experience shows in Region especially the first public presentation at the Espace Jean Legendre in Compiègne.

Paying close attention to his repertoire, Luc Petton decides in 2013 to transform his piece « Oscar » in a quartet version. Lighter, adapted to every place of the region, this creation allows an easy awareness through playful workshops and a reflexion about the dance history. An important characteristic considering the mediation work that the company develops during her different residencies.

From 2009 to 2012, in residence at the Mail, cultural scene of Soissons, the company team develops a awareness action on the territories of Soissons and in the department of Aisne, wanting to democratize the access to the choreographic culture for every public. A commitment we found although in the program Culture in Hospital for elderly people, disabled children, but although in prison. From 2012 to 2015, the residence of the company at the Espace Jean Legendre in Compiègne fulfils itself in the same perspective.

At the same time, an extraordinary residence with dancers red crowned cranes takes place at the zoological park of Amiens Métropole and at the Maison de la Culture in Amiens. This partnership allows Luc Petton to lead specific researches linked to this creation very different from the previous two. The workshops, masterclasses, conferences are a big part of the company activities (more than twenty actions in 2015 for 350 hours of workshops), searching to raiser awareness among the always larger public out of consideration for the democratization of the contemporary dance. A same life notion nourishes creation and action on the territory.

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