Colin Dunne & eRikm Project

Author : Dunne, Colin
Creation date : 2016

Recorded at the CND 24 June 2016 during Camping 2016


Colin Dunne & eRikm Project

For their new project, specially created for Camping, the Irish dancer Colin Dunne and the composer eRikm are proposing an interactive exploration of sound and movement based on the rhythms and gestures of traditional Irish dance. The movements of the dancer will follow the sounds of his own footsteps, amplified by a sound system hooked up to his shoes.

A sensory and acoustic universe will constantly self-generate with each of the two artists continuously on the lookout for the possibilities opened up by the composition.


Choreography and Dance
 Colin Dunne et eRikm

Duration 39 minutes

A film by CND

Updated July 2016

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Centre national de la danse

Centre national de la danse

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