Museum of Nothing

Author : Bokaer, Jonah

Recorded at the CND 2nd April 2015


Museum of nothing

A man and a woman in a space, but each in their own bodies and with their own organs inside those. We catch a glimpse of a presence. Is someone there? A person, or a spirit? Perhaps a ghost? A human form onto which thoughts are projected, a body that we lend sensations, an animalism with intriguing subjectivity. The figure begins to disappear under the gaze of another, who gives the account of this disappearance.

Museum Of Nothing has been choreographed by Jonah Bokaer, written by Antoine Dufeu and performed by both artists. This project, created for Concordan(s)e 2015, was inspired by I Like America and America Likes Me, created for the René Block gallery in New York in May 1974 by the artist Joseph Beuys. For this performance, Beuys lived in a cage with a wild coyote for three whole days. In their piece, Bokaer and Dufeu explore positions, attitudes, costumes, movements and symbols, as well as the relationship with the floor, offering a perspective of enclosed space, borders and relationships with the audience. This performance is modular, put together according on each venue. Museum Of Nothing also comes across as the symbol of the link between two continents, different worlds, horizontality and verticality, nature and life, nature and death.


Duration: 33 mins

Production: CND

Updated: May 2015


Bokaer, Jonah

Jonah Bokaer has created 33 choreographies, as well as several videos, interactive installations, mobile applications and films. His work has been shown in numerous theatres in Europe, America and Asia. 
Often created for museum spaces, his choreographies have, most notably, been presented at the MoMA and Guggenheim Museum in New York.      
In 2008-2009, Jonah Bokaer was the first choreographer to be nominated a 'Young Leader' by the French-American Foundation.        
In France, he is a regular guest at the Festival de Marseille, Les Subsistances de Lyon and the New Settings festival. In 2011 he was awarded the Nouveau Talent Chorégraphie Prize by the SACD. He participated in Sujets à Vif in 2012 as part of the Festival d'Avignon.         
He collaborates with other artists, such as: Daniel Arsham, Anne Carson, Merce Cunningham Dance Company (2000-2007), Robert Gober and Tino Sehgal. He has also worked with Robert Wilson on several operas, including Faust, Aïda, Kool and On The Beach.

Dufeu, Antoine

Antoine Dufeu lives in Paris and sometimes Sofia. Upon graduating from the EDHEC Business School (Lille) in 1997, he worked for three years as a management auditor for an American multinational company in the Paris area, before resigning to become a journalist writing about cars.    
He founded Lic (research, publication, creation) in 2012. A member of the SACD (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers) and the Scam (Civil Society of Multimedia Authors), he is also the associated author of the ESA (European Society of Authors and Translators). Some of his most notable publications include inch'menschen (pub. MIX, 2004), SEnsemble (pub. Le clou dans le fer, 2008), Abonder (pub. NOUS, 2010), AGO – autoportrait séquencé de Tony Chicane (pub. Le Quartanier, 2012). In 2014 he published DGNOUCBW and Blancs, as well as writing Nous for the stage with Thierry Raynaud based on the eponymous book he wrote and published with MIX publications in 2006. In addition, he appears in regular performances, particularly with Valentina Traïanova (latest creation: Frankistan, 2013).

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