Creation date : 2011

„Momentum“ explores the concept of spontaneous authenticity – through tortilla chips and dance.



For some it is just an ordinary party snack, but for Patrick, a tortilla chip started a moment of self-discovery. With exuberant dancing and magical passion he shares his inspiration and invites every one to participate. Even his mother.
„Momentum“ explores the concept of spontaneous authenticity – through tortilla chips and dance.


Format on location | Production Company seewald & hanna UG (Germany) | Producer Boris Seewald | executive Producer Carolina Rath | Director Boris Seewald | editor Boris Seewald | Sets Miwha Hanna | light Design Aline Reinsbach, Zara Zandieh | Director of Photography Georg Simbeni | Duration 6' 43'' | Production Year 2012 | Recorded Berlin, Germany, 15.10.2011 | Composer Ralf Hildenbeutel | Choreography by Boris Seewald | Costumes Miwha Hanna | Source video/audio HD/Stereo

Dance screen 2013 - Winner Category C2 - IMZ International Music +Media Centre
Best Student Film Award


Cinedans Dioraphte Jury Award 2013 | The Netherlands
WDR Promotional Award Filmfest Münster 2013 | Germany
UR Award for Best Short Film
Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2013 | Sweden
Best Student Film Award
Best Dancescreen Film Up To 15 Minutes
San Francisco Dance Film Festival | USA
Best Experimental Short Film
New Vision International Short Film Festival 2013 | Ukraine
Best Student Film
New York City Short Film Festival 2013 | USA
Best Short Film
Snowdance Independent Film Festival 2014 | Germany
Short Film Of The Month Februar 2013
German Film and Media Evaluation Institute
Certification Mark “Especially Valuable”
German Film and Media Evaluation Institute
1st Prize Dance Film Festival Lucerne 2013 | Switzerland

A38 Production Grant Kassel-Halle
Kasseler Dokfest 2013 | Germany
Best Student Film at Norwich Film Festival | UK
Best Actor at St. Albans Film Festival 2013 | UK
Best Experimental Film at Ffresh 2013 | UK
Best Music at Newport International Film Festival 2013 | UK
Best Short Film at Newport International Film Festival 2013 | UK
Best Experimental Film
Open Eyes Filmfest 2013 | Germany
2nd Prize Short Film Fünf Seen Filmfestival 2013 | Germany
2nd Audience Award at Shorts Attack 2014 | Germany
3rd Prize Audience-Award
Short Film Festival Munich “Bunter Hund” 2013 | Germany
3rd Prize Audience-Award
Kurzfilmnacht Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2013 | Germany
Special Mention Award Filmplus 2013 | Germany
Special Mention Award Ahoi Filmfest 2013 | Germany
Top 10 Jury Films at Facade Videofestival 2013 | Bulgaria

SVT | Sweden
WDR | Germany
UR | Sweden

Selected for the German Short Films Catalogue 2013
by the German Short Film Association

Seewald, Boris

Boris Seewald is a director and editor based in Berlin with a passion for music and dance films. With a musical background and an innate ability to coordinate image and sound, Seewald seeks his form of expression in the rhythmical illustration of music. His short film “Momentum” and his music video for “The Feast” by Ralf Hildenbeutel have received more than twenty awards between them and have played at more than a hundred film festivals worldwide. With a clear intention of pursuing a career in film, he began working on his own film projects and amassing work experience in this field. Though Boris Seewald is primarily self-taught, he studied directing at the Filmarche and film studies at the Berlin University. Since founding his company, Seewald & Hanna, he freelances and has completed music videos for labels including Deutsche Grammophon, has worked in the post-production department for short and feature films, and has edited commercials and television series.

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Hildenbeutel, Ralf

Ralf Hildenbeutel, who lives in Frankfurt and Paris, is a composer and producer. In the 90s he produced and co-wrote the albums from SVEN VÄTH, produced an endless number of remixes of art- ists such as ANNE CLARK, ROBERT PALMER and YELLO.

He played live on the MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL with his electro/ dance project EARTH NATION and released the award-winning soundtrack HOMMAGE A NOIR (Goldmedal New York Filmfesti- val). Later he produced top ten artists such as LAITH AL-DEEN, YVONNE CATTERFELD and SIMON COLLINS.

For many years he has been concentrating on film music and to- gether with Stevie B-Zet has composed the music for films such as VINCENT WANTS TO SEA and AUSGERECHNET SIBIRIEN.

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European Video Dance Heritage

European Video Dance Heritage

European Video Dance Heritage project is an analysis and experimental programme funded by the European Commission (Culture programme) which aims to structure a European memory of dance through video and to transmit this heritage to younger generations, considering its political, economic, technical, legal and educational dimensions.

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