La griserie de l'espace, soirée autour de Jerome Andrews

Creation date : 2008

Recorded at the CND 27 November 2008


Griserie de l'espace (La)

To coincide with the anniversary of the birth of Jerome Andrews, Dominique Dupuy recalls his work in the course of a danced conference, accompanied by his partner Wu Zheng, and sets out to storm the space using capes, skirts, sticks and fans.


with Dominique Dupuy, Wu Zheng
a film by Centre national de la danse

running time 79 minutes

Last update: November 2010

Andrews, Jerome


Two different lives – as a star of the dance stage and music hall during the 1940s in New York, then as “guru” in Paris from the 1950s until his death in 1992 – make Jerome Andrews an atypical figure in modern dance. His career was mapped out by determination and followed an unconventional course. If little of his actual work survives, his thinking is still a potent magnet for those who were drawn to it in the past and who continue to be drawn to it today.

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Jerome Andrews

Last update : November 2010

Dupuy, Dominique

Dominique Dupuy entered Jean Weidt's Ballets des arts at the age of 16, where he first performed solo roles such as that of the son in “La Cellule” by Jean Weidt, who was awarded first prize in the competition of the Archives internationales de la danse in Copenhagen in 1947. After several years dancing with Françoise Dupuy as “Françoise et Dominique”, the pair founded the Ballets modernes de Paris together, as part of which Dominique Dupuy would interpret several legendary roles: le Faune, le Mandarin merveilleux, le Piéton de l'air, l'Homme et son désir. Dominique Dupuy created six solos, the first of which came into being at the request of Amélie Grand and was conceived for the first week of the Avignon Dance Week, a precursor of the Hivernales Dance Festival: “Le Cercle dans tous ses états” (1979), “Trajectoires” (1980), “En vol” (1983), “Ballum circus” (1987), “L'homme debout, il…” (1995), “Opus 67-97” (1997). On more than one occasion, Dupuy expressed his opinion on the experience of making a solo, both at conferences and in publications. The project which would revive his solos came into being at the request of Luc Petton, for whom Dominique Dupuy recreated the cube sequence from “En vol” for the project “Passeur de danse”. He then recreated five other sequences for “Passeur de solitudes I”, presented in May 2000 at the Regard du cygnet centre in Paris and at the Avignon Hivernales Dance Festival.

From 1995 to 2007, he and Françoise Dupuy directed the Mas de la danse – the principal centre for the study and research of contemporary dance in France. Since then he has devoted his time to putting his archives in order.

Last update : November 2010