CCN de La Rochelle - Cie Accrorap, direction Kader Attou

 Today’s hip hop movement and dance creation is exporting the image of French culture around the world. Kader Attou is proud to belong to this new dance scene. He is one of the main representatives of this French hip hop movement and cie Accrorap is emblematic of this energy. Combining cultures blending and humanistic engagement, Kader Attou creates a unique dance style, kept abreast. In September 2008, he was named Director of the centre chorégraphique national in La Rochelle.


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Compagnie Accrorap (The)

In 1989 at Saint-Priest, Kader Attou, Eric Mezino, Chaouki Saïd, Mourad Merzouki and Lionel Frédoc created the company Accrorap.
From the collective of artists at the beginning, to the emergence of unique choreographic works, Accrorap is characterized by its profound openness: openness to the world through journeys conceived as instants of sharing, openness to other artistic forms, to other trends.
Kader Attou has enriched and fine-tuned his dance through the alchemy of hip hop, circus arts, contemporary dance and visual arts. From the local to the international scene, his works have travelled round the world.
Among others: Prière pour un fou (1999), Anokha (2000), Pourquoi pas (2002), Douar (2004), Les corps étrangers (2006), Petites (2008), Trio (?) (2010), Symfonia Piésni Załosnych (2010), The Roots (2013) Un break à Mozart (2014), OPUS 14 (2014) and Un break à Mozart 1.1 (2016).
Since 1989, the dance of the company Accrorap and of Kader Attou is generous and strives to break-down barriers and cross frontiers.
The work of Accrorap is the tale of an international collective adventure, where the concept of encounters is at the centre of the company’s approach and where journeys enrich reflection.

CCN de La Rochelle (The)



Kader Attou Le CCN de La Rochelle  la Chapelle Fromentin