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Modul-dance project

Modul-dance is a multiannual cooperation project with the participation of 20 European dancehouses from 16 countries with the aim to support the artistic development and mobility of independent professionals in the dance field.

Modul-dance embraces a 52 artists community offering them a framework to create and present their work, linking diverse proposals and sensibilities under the same umbrella and providing regular interaction and exchange of ideas.

The project was created and structured to address the needs of the artists in their creative process. Its core is the modular system, an organized model of support for dance creation and dissemination in which every participating artist has the opportunity make itineraries across Europe by working with at least 3 different partners going through 4 module phases: research, residency, production and presentation.

This systematic approach ensures mobility and a dialogue process of shared decisions valuable for their artistic development and the dissemination of their projects.

The modul-dance project runs from June 2010 to December 2014. It is run by the European Dancehouse Network and funded by the European Comission through the Culture Programme.