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Since the start of his career in '93, Yvann Alexandre has established himself as the representative of an abstract, very pre-meditated form of dance, imbued with elegance, that is a far cry from the performances and improvisations by those of his generation and has a special attachment to the writing of movement and its transmission to audiences. Attentive to exchanges between professionals, amateurs and scholars, his work as a choreographer has taken him from the Pays de la Loire to countries around the world, including Canada (Quebec), Germany and Argentina. Both with his own Company and as a guest choreographer (CCN Ballet de Nancy, Norwest Tanzcompagnie, etc.), he weaves together a policy of exchanges, encounters, training and choreographic culture. His work tackles a reflection on the very substance of dance, remaining faithful to the concept of line. His highly precise body language overflows with detail and works as a kind of intimate calligraphy, whereby movement constantly seeks human substance.