What is Numeridanse.tv ?

Numeridanse.tv is the first free online dance video library which brings together thousands of hours of videos, the collections of national and international artists, teaching aids and thousands of written resources to promote an understanding of dance and its history. Managed by a community of dance professionals, it is supported and coordinated by the Maison de la Danse in Lyon.


“When the Numeridanse.tv website was launched in January 2011, the ambition of its creator Charles Picq was “to assemble large dance collections and to adapt them for the internet”. He imagined having, “within 10 years, the collections of 150-200 world choreographers and to pull off a project which uses all the power of the internet and serves the dance world".
Today, Charles is no longer with us but we are committed to continuing his work with loyalty and ambition.

Loyalty because the visionary tool which he created in collaboration with the Centre national de la danse (National Dance Centre/CND) and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the BNP Paribas Foundation has certainly found its niche in the dance world. It meets a real need for both professional entertainers and teachers and has brought together a community of contributors and a loyal audience. Today, Numeridanse.tv boasts more than 2,000 videos, 44 collections, 1000 artists and more than 45,000 visitors every month.

Ambition because, with Numeridanse.tv, we are breaking new ground. In addition to its success with dance professionals, we want to make it an educational reference tool. We also want to create awareness around it, so that as many people as possible can enjoy discovering a choreographer, a work or a documentary on a particular theme.
Our ambition is to make this new Numeridanse.tv a tool just like dance itself – rigorous and generous, sharp and intuitive, fun and rewarding."

Dominique Hervieu,
Director, Maison de la Danse


A broad and rich perspective on dance

From extracts or entire dance works, documentaries, interviews with artists and dance experts, teaching resources to videodance films, Numeridanse.tv offers a broad and rich perspective on the art of choreography. All genres, styles and forms are represented: butoh, classical ballet, neo-classical ballet, Baroque, Indian, African, flamenco, contemporary, traditional dances, hip hop, tango, jazz, circus arts, performance etc. Each video is accompanied by a written description and some historical context.

The Numeridanse.tv collection, found under CATALOG, brings together archives from the beginning of the century as well as more recent works.

A community site

Supported and coordinated by the Maison de la Danse in Lyon, the Numeridanse.tv website was created by filmmaker Charles Picq, who died in 2012. Conceived and developed in partnership with the Centre national de la danse and supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, today it also enjoys the support of the Harlequin Group.

Alongside these partner organisations, a network of contributors has built up around the Numeridanse.tv project. National choreography centres, festivals, producers, theatres, companies, institutions are all making their works available in the CATALOG and COLLECTIONS sections of the website. This community participates in the life of the site and the development of the project and also contributes financially to its management.


An online resource for artistic and cultural education

Discover the world of dance, understand its history, learn about a particular style, a choreographer, a company, prepare pupils for watching a live performance, find out more about choreographic culture etc. Numeridanse.tv is an online resource for all kinds of artistic and cultural education. Many topics with an educational aim are available and specific tools have been developed to help you discover dance in a fun and interactive way. Web documents, Themas, quizzes, timelines and maps can be found in the LEARN AND UNDERSTAND section.

Numeridanse.tv allows any user to create an account on the site, to create themes and to make and share their own playlists.