Appartement 27

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C’est en Chine, à l’ombre des montagnes célestes, que Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui a forgé les paysages imaginaires de Sutra: un spectacle unique pour dix-neuf moines bouddhistes experts en arts martiaux dont trois enfants, et lui-même.

Bonhomme de vent (excerpt)


Sima Khatami folllowed the work process of Boris Charmatz and Jeanne Balibar's "La danseuse malade". This process is based on the books of Tatsumi Hijikata, who cofounded the butô with Kazuo Ohno.

Why do I dance ?

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To create a web documentary on the thematic "Why do I dance?" brings together testimonies from non-professionnal and professional dancers.

So Schnell ((1992) (excerpt)

Short excerpt of the show filmed by Charles Picq few months after Bagouet's death.

EXTREMALISM - the strenght of a creation