"Tejeduría" was created and inspired by the idea of weaving which was applied to the movement of the choreography, camera work and editing.

Interview with Lucy Suggate and Sònia Gómez

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Interview with Lucy Suggate and Sònia Gómez during their collaboration at Graner in Barcelona in the framework of the Carte Blanche programme of the modul-dance project.

Prélude à la mer


The Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, to Claude Debussy's music, inspired by Stéphane Mallarmé's text, is a sublime musical poem about the ephemeral, absence, and extinction. Filmed on the site of the Aral Sea, a vanishing sea.

Filming Dance workshop 2


Rain (excerpt 1/2)


This choreography was taught to 20 dancers of Paris Opera Ballet during many months by Jacob Truszkowski and his partners from Rosas, until its première in may 2011.

Teaser The Stranger


The Stranger : Choreography by Jean-Claude Gallotta, based on the novel by Albert Camus. A trio created in 2015 at MC2 : Grenoble.