La danse, l'art de la rencontre

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Fous de danse (Mad about dance)


Initiated by Musée de la danse, Fous de danse (Mad about dance) invites you to experience all forms and all practices of dance over the weekend of May 2015 2 and 3.

The Spectator's moment : Denis Plassard

In two minutes, discover an artist, a dance work, a company.


Author : Marin, Maguy

BiT is the 49th creation of Maguy Marin. At the heart of this piece is the rythm.

Ways to Strength and Beauty


"Ways to strength and beauty" is a 1925 movie. The action was an idealized, beautiful symphony to health and beauty in conformity with nature. You can see excerpts from dances such as those practiced in the community of Monte Verita.